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Shop + Play

Our goal at Honeycomb is to create longevity through versatility, sustainability, and quality.

“Things aren’t made the way they used to.”

We have all heard that phrase before. And it’s mostly true. Nowadays, most products are made cheaply and are thrown away. We’ve grown to become complacent and wasteful. At Honeycomb, we aim to reverse that trend. We want to shift the way people shop. We want to encourage our customers to think ethically, and therefore, creatively.

All of the products we’ve selected to sell at the store are made consciously, both in terms of the quality of materials and the sustainable practices of their makers. Secondly, we urge our customers to “pass down” our products, and to do so imaginatively. Most of the clothing we offer is gender-neutral; you bought them for your son, pass them down to your daughter. Get out of your comfort zone and change it up.

Honeycomb is excited to add new energy, life and innovation to St. Louis and beyond. Here’s to opening our doors to the future and fostering a space that encourages self -expression, confidence and light.

We are Honeycomb and we are so glad you’re here.