Zoë Kaemmerer, Angela Giancola


Honeycomb was conceptualized and born from the minds and hearts of St. Louis natives Angela Giancola and Zoë Kaemmerer. It began with a child’s suggestion and a desire to create sustainable, unique and engaging products. When Giancola was looking for children’s gifts, she often found she created her most cherished items from vintage or preowned toys and materials.

But her life became busy and she shelved the idea until her daughter Aviv presented her with a book that said “Honeycomb”. This small gesture inspired Giancola to fill a niche St. Louis was missing, a retail store that was community focused and children inspired. Queue Kaemmerer, who was dreaming of a similar concept. Together, the two women brought Honeycomb to life in late night meetings, early mornings in coffee shops and notes on napkins.

The result is more than a shop that thoughtfully curates sustainably-made quality garments, wears and toys from local and international companies. Honeycomb is a space that celebrates children’s creativity, encourages everyone to channel their inner child and fosters a safe space for exploration, discovery and connection.

Written by: Alex Lucke

When a gift was needed for a child , I loved to search for unique items that were either craft activities or versatile clothing.
— Angela Giancola

Being born deaf, I had an opportunity to immerse in a special school to learn American Sign Language and then was mainstreamed to a public school in 3rd grade. From there I traveled and lived in Taiwan, Europe, and Israel. Before having kids, I had a great opportunity managing an international day care in DC. When meeting my lifetime partner, Ben Poremba, we opened several restaurants here in Saint Louis and now have 2 children. Being a working mother has its challenge when finding products that are sustainable and can be used/worn in both genders. Which is why I am excited to open doors with an amazing friend, soul sister, Zoe to all who love to explore like children.

We wanted to create a space that not only brings kids and families together but the entire community.
— Zoe Kaemmerer